About us

3D Engineering & Contracting has provided Engineering, Construction, and Construction Consultancy services since 2007 Since then, efforts have been focused on establishing several high quality and efficient projects through an integrated engineering, technical and administrative team.Over the years, we have gained experience in the construction of several private and public projects including residential, commercial and service projects (Building , roads, bridges, health centers, water and sanitation systems) and many other projects, We also have an integrated team of skilled manpower and modern construction equipment while ensuring safety in the first place.

Our Mission

3D is seeking to create a successful and sustainable relationship with its customers by providing all that is special and unique beyond expectations, and to embody its mission in leadership in providing design services and construction and project management to ensure costumers'' confidence and satisfaction, God willing.


3D permanent reflected in our work to achieve a prominent place in the forefront of companies working in this area and look forward to being a standard to measure the level of success and excellence in this sector. We believe that the potential for development, innovation and completion of projects perfectly correlated with our construction of a successful model in the engineering sector, positioned to play an important role in the advancement of this sector to do better compete with developed countries in this field.


3D is a trusted name and leading source for architectural and engineering solutions in the Republic of Yemen, through our commitment to what we promise in various projects. And reaffirmed that commitment by providing the best resources required for each project. And we act in 3D on developing our expertise knowledge in science engineering and construction management to ensure benefit from solutions of value engineering and architecture to meet the requirements and challenges of the times, through project management to see effective care to detail and take into account that what we built today for future generations.


  • Clarity, transparency and accountability.
  • Processional and professionalism.
  • Excellence, uniqueness and the constant quest to provide the best.
  • Credibility and honesty in dealing with


Engineering services
  • Surveyor of Area for lands, buildings and all establishments.
  • Studies and designs architectural, constructional, electric and mechanical.
  • Decorations and graphics.
  • Supervision on Implementation of all projects.
  • Training, rehabilitation and evaluation
General Consultations - Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Training and qualification in all engineering, administrative and other fields.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of development and economic projects.
  • Studies and assessment of the current situation.
  • Examining and evaluating the existing potential risks.
  • Studying emergency needs and treatment.
  • Measurement of the index of existing factors.
  • Evaluation of the administrative and institutional work of organizations.
  • Studying and evaluating environmental, health and social impacts.
  • Construction of residential, commercial and metal buildings (hangers) and centers.
  • Rehabilitation and restoration.
  • Water and sanitation network
  • Electricity.
  • Solar energy systems and water pumps.
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration.
  • Information system networks IT.
  • Monitoring systems CCTV.
  • Fire systems.
Real estate
  • Study.
  • Promotion.
  • Appraisal.
  • Division between partners and heirs.